Clearbox AI Control Room

An MLOps solution to put existing Machine Learning models into production in accordance with the principles of Trustworthy AI.

Deep Pre‑production analysis

AI Control Room automatically generates a model assessment to help model owners to identify robustness issues, potential undesired behaviour, and explain errors and uncertainties regarding the model predictions.

Model behaviour validation

Validation metrics and plausible causes of error are clearly presented, potential limitations and irreducible uncertainty are identified and local explanations of the model behaviour are generated selecting representative points in the dataset.

Robust model selection

Our model comparison tool automatically creates a baseline model and allows users to compare assessment reports, highlighting differences between models in order to choose the best one and deploy it with confidence.

Data-centric analysis

Our generative models perform a probabilistic analysis of the underlying data allowing for robust outliers detection and uncertainty analysis. This information can help you to evaluate data quality.

Centralised tracking system

AI Control Room acts as a centralised tracking system to store lineage, versioning, and metadata of your datasets and models. Assessments generated are securely persisted along with models and datasets.

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